Mianzi Kendama.

    A tool that will change your life, enhancing and awakening your deepest abilities.
    Highlighting coordination, intuition, socialization, empathy, responsibility and cooperation.

    It also highlights the reduction of stress, anxiety and possible concentration problems.


    Learn to learn, to develop in a somewhat different way than what is established, leave frustration aside through a playful and social way, how to be patient and disciplined, to overcome your limits, your fears, your beliefs.

    Nobody said it would be easy, or maybe they did?

    What price does it have for you to be your best version?

    Are you willing to take on this challenge?

    Every change begins with a decision and we are committed to happiness.


    We were born to offer a little-known recreational variation of play, fun and personal growth, from the most ecological side possible, thus making all our products with natural, untreated wood in an artisanal way.

    At Mianzi we are creating an increasingly larger community, where we can feed back sensations and emotions that can awaken the immediacy to which we are subjected, understanding that every process takes time and that, of course, we have to respect our spaces. of growth and our daily life, thus making a path of daily enjoyment and not a path of "instant perfectionism".